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jamu herbal sanrego llunasia amara blanco

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Specification:Wood sanrego ( lunasia amara blancho) , type of wood that are found in eastern Indonesia. This wood has a strong efficacy as a drug for men. Traditionally this wood gives the effect of raising sexual desire, treat malaria, diabetes and snake bites.
Gynecology sanrego timber has been examined by experts from the teaching departments phytochemical faemasi UNHAS Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in collaboration with experts from the Philippines phytochemicals, these logs contain alkolid, sitosterol, glycosides. Content of wood is not yet toksis and methanol extracts can inhibit the normal bacterial butanolnya E. coli, Shigella body, staphylococcus aurcus.
Efficacy of this sanrego wood discovered accidentally by a farmer in the village of Bone Sanrego district of South Sulawesi. At first farmers tethered his horse in the bushes this horse accidentally ate one plant timber and an hour later kudanyamenjadi aggressive. The farmer then took and tried to drink water and have rebusannya extraordinary powers such as these stallions. Then the village council, wood timber named SANREGO

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